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Built-in Interactivity

Enhancing Interactive Digital Signage Features to Intensify Engagements with Your Product

Navori represents a leap forward by delivering interactive signage for engaging customer experiences
Transform passive viewers into active Transform passive viewers into active

Interactivity engages viewers in a two-way communication rather than simply presenting information

Make Information accessible Make Information accessible

Interactive elements enable users choosewhat to explore, click, or interact with, tailoring the experience to their preferences

Update your content remotely Update your content remotely

Facilitate remote updates of the interactive content by providing dynamic elements that can be changed or modified


Streamline the Customer Experience Using Touch Screens

Incorporate touchscreens and turn ordinary screens into dynamic, self-service hubs. Our technology engages and captivates, driving meaningful interaction.

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Enable Smartphone to Interact with the Screen

Navori Mobile CMS allows you to update content, trigger interactions, and adjust settings on-the-go. Ensure your digital experiences remain flexible to respond instantly to any situation.

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Trigger Informational Content Uppon Product  Pick Up

Navori can run Lift and learn technologies. It is used in retail along with digital signage where an item is lifted or moved, triggering the playback on screen of informational content about the product.

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Detect Viewers and Trigger Demographic-specific Content

Navori app can trigger demographic-specific content, allowing targeted messaging, optimizing the impact of the message on specific audience segments and leading to more effective communication.

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Use IoT Devices to Automate Context-aware Content Triggering

Navori event-driven content automation may use a IoT device automate content triggering based on various contextual factors like sensors, beacons, RFID and NFC tags.

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Deploy Physical Usb Buttons to Trigger Content on Screen

Connecting Navori app to a physical buttons to USB interfaces to create interactive experiences with digital displays like content triggering, alerts or interactive experiences.


Show Alerts and Evacuation Messages

Instantly display crucial alerts and evacuation instructions on screens. By adhering to the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP), Navori ensures compliance with standardized emergency messaging.

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Get Endless Interactive Integrations with Navori API

Interactivity via Navori player APIs allows touch-based interactions, gesture controls, sensors or triggers. Leverage a seamless integration with external systems, whether physical, app or data driven.

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