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Editions, licensing and hosting models

Navori Software Pricing

Navori offers three editions of its software, for beginners and advanced users alike. Our solutions are available on the cloud with a subscription model or as a client-hosted version

Cloud Essential

For small business. Shared hosting managed by Navori, access to the CMS via a web portal.




/monthly per player

  • USD
  • CAD
  • EUR
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  • INR

This edition includes the common digital signage features for screen networks with a volume of fewer than 250 players. Its intuitive interface enables beginners to effectively manage the publication of their content with zero ramp-up.

What’s included:

  • Operates across all hardware devices and types of content, including templates and live data
  • Tracks the health or your media players, and content
  • Synchronizes content across players
  • Multi-user and multi-domain capable

Cloud Professional

This software edition encompasses all the professional features for businesses, eliminating the need to manage backend hosting.

This software edition encompasses all the professional features for businesses seeking security and compliance to business standards.

Additional features:

  • Create your timeline, dayparting and campaigns
  • No-code, smart content automation
  • Built-in fnteractive features
  • Advertising management toolkit
  • Enterprise-ready solution for better IT compliance
  • Customize Navori using our open architecture and APIs

Self-hosting Enterprise

Enterprise-ready software edition, it guarantees users a dependable, secure, and flexible solution capable of scaling up  with evolving requirements, all while upholding high standards of performance.

For digital signage operators looking to host their own solution, Navori Enterprise is available as OEM, offering perpetual licensing or through a pay-per-use subscription model.

Additional specifications and services:

  • Industry unprecedented scalability, manage up to 99.000 players per backend
  • Secure the collaboration of Navori for your compliance and security audits
  • Benefit from Navori special project development team to customize UI, create connectors or a Player version specific to your needs
  • Get a personalized Navori maintenance tailored to your specifications

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By joining our network, you gain the ability to address most digital signage use cases using a single, professional software solution. Moreover, Navori is compatible with commonly used professional hardware, allowing you to offer an integrated solution to your clients.

As a reseller, you will receive dedicated local support from Navori, pre-sales and technical assistance, including product demonstrations and maintenance.

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