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Player App for Sony Bravia Professional Screens I Google Android

Leverage Excellence with Sony Android Signage Screens Running Navori App

Unleashing the full potential of digital signage with the advanced integration of Navori Player and Sony Bravia’s android-powered displays.

Performance index: 98 /100

Why Navori Player is the Professional Solution for SONY Bravia

Navori Player is the perfect match for Sony Bravia’s professional displays. It uses Android 10 to make your digital signage experience smooth and effective. Sony Bravia chose Android for its displays because it’s a strong and popular system. This choice lets Navori Labs use its top Android-based digital signage software, QL, to offer you great performance. Navori Player stands out because it works better than software made for less common systems.

Sony Bravia displays are well-known for their outstanding up to 8K resolution and their advanced Cognitive Processor XR. This processor, when combined with OLED technology, makes images appear vibrant and realistic, and it also offers a cinematic sound experience. When you use Navori Player with these displays for digital signage, you create a high-quality setup. Setting it up, using it, and managing it is easy, even if you’re not a computer expert.

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Pros and Cons


  • Exceptional Image Quality: Sony Bravia Displays offer outstanding picture clarity, color accuracy, and visual appeal, enhancing the impact of digital signage content.
  • Reliability and Durability: Known for their build quality, these displays are designed for long-term use, ensuring consistent performance in various settings.
  • Unparalleled rendering Power: This SoC screen range is the most powerful on the market. It displays UHD content with exceptional fluidity, regardless of its level of sophistication or resolution.


  • Portrait playback in degraded mode
  • Not all screen sizes are available for this brand

Navori Player for SONY Bravia is renowned for its versatile applications across various industries

In restaurants, it improves the dining experience with dynamic digital menu boards. Our player ensures that the content shows up seamlessly on multiple screens, creating a unified and engaging atmosphere for customers. It also connects to the restaurant’s Point of Sale (POS) system via our Live Data Manager, allowing for real-time menu updates and smoother operations.

In manufacturing settings, Navori Player is a valuable tool. It displays live dashboards that provide real-time insights and crucial information, which are essential for streamlining operations in fast-paced environments.

In retail, Navori Player excels at showing high-quality 1080p multimedia content. It transforms displays into captivating showcases that grab customers’ attention with vivid visuals and detailed product information. This not only enhances the shopping experience but also greatly increases customer engagement and product visibility.

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Media Type and Related Features Availability – Attribute

Whenever a feature or media is not supported by hardware, Navori Player seamlessly skips the content, and issues an alert to the user in charge. Navori player software offers complete interoperability.