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Player App for Elo Touch I Google Android And Microsoft Windows

Combine Interactive and Passive Signage on Elo Signage Screens

Elo, known for touchscreen technology, offers digital signage hardware solutions, integrating touch capabilities for interactive experiences.

Performance index: 90 /100

Why Navori Signage Player app is the Flexible Solution for Elo

Navori offers its Player software in a native version, for Elo powered by either Android and Microsoft Windows.

Navori Player for Elo is a high-performance digital signage software specifically designed for Elo Touch Solution’s Android-powered touchscreens. Elo Touch displays powered by Google Android use Navori Player.

Navori Player for Elo is very easy to install. You’ll be up and running in minutes. The software is compatible with every software feature so you can easily manage mixed hardware networks from a single CMS interface. This can be extremely useful for digital signage network operators and businesses who rely on different standalone player hardware.

Benefit from a professional-grade digital signage solution that is highly reliable and scalable. With over 800 features and global support, it’s no wonder Navori Player runs some of the world’s largest digital signage networks.

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Pros and Cons


  • Combines interactive and passive digital signage
  • Elo tablets are tough and can withstand drops, spills, and environmental conditions, which makes them ideal for industrial and commercial use.
  • Responsive and high-quality touchscreens, providing an intuitive and interactive user experience
  • Plenty of options such as varying screen sizes, different mounting options, and connectivity ports



  • None as far as we know

Typical use cases

Navori Player for Samsung SSSP finds versatile use cases across diverse industries.

One common use is making digital menu boards that change dynamically. Our player helps to smoothly show the same content on multiple screens, making sure customers have a consistent and interesting experience. We can connect our live data manager to the restaurant’s order system.

In places like factories, our software is great for showing live dashboards that give real-time updates and important information to help run things more efficiently.

And in stores, our Navori Player software is fantastic at displaying high-quality videos and pictures, making screens look amazing and showing off products in a way that attracts customers and makes shopping more enjoyable.

Supported Content

Media Type and Related Features Availability – Attribute

Whenever a feature or media is not supported by hardware, Navori Player seamlessly skips the content, and issues an alert to the user in charge. Navori player software offers complete interoperability.